Obtain healthy reference tissue to help build the KPMP kidney tissue atlas

There is a critical need to obtain human healthy reference tissue, including but not limited to, tissue from healthy living donors or healthy volunteers to develop the KPMP kidney tissue atlas. This solicitation aims to form new collaborative partnerships by providing KPMP opportunity pool funds to applicants proposing to ethically and safely obtain, share, and harmonize human healthy reference kidney tissue with the KPMP. Strong applications will provide non-degraded (“pristine”) tissue with the necessary diversity (sex, age, race, and ethnicity) and metadata (including relevant longitudinal clinical data) to meet the objectives of the KPMP. Ideally, it is expected that applicants will employ current KPMP protocols to obtain, share, and harmonize (using associated metadata) at least 20 healthy reference tissue samples per year. Deceased donor and tumor nephrectomy tissue are not eligible for this funding opportunity.

Five (5) page applications requesting up to $100,000 total costs per year for three years are due June 28, 2019 by 5 p.m. Pacific

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