Apply for a Glue Grant to partner with the KPMP

This solicitation aims to form new collaborative partnerships by providing “glue grants” to investigators working in areas of high relevance to the KPMP and currently supported by other significant non-KPMP funding sources. Examples of other significant funding sources include, but are not limited to, an NIH R01, RC2, DP3, or U01 award, or a VA MERIT award.

Successful glue grants are expected to be mutually beneficial. Applicants should describe how their “parent” project will benefit from being part of the KPMP and how the KPMP will benefit from partnering with the “parent” project. Specifically, glue grant funding will provide a supplement of up to $60,000 total costs per year to the “parent” project to support sharing, harmonization, and integration with the KPMP of relevant data, samples, tissues, reagents, technologies, tools, software, analytic pipelines, expertise, etc.

Five (5) page applications may request up to $5,000 total costs per month and are invited on a rolling basis.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 1, 2020 by 5 p.m. Eastern

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