Future Opportunity Pool funding

The KPMP will make available funding for an Opportunity Pool to support projects that meet the scientific, infrastructure, and resource needs of the KPMP.  These funds will be available to those not currently involved with the KPMP.

When available, the KPMP will issue a public call for applications. Information concerning all Opportunity Grants Program-related activities will be posted here.

The Opportunity Pool process

The KPMP Administrative Core will manage the Opportunity Pool program. This includes:

  • facilitating communication with applicants
  • recruitment of external peer reviewers
  • correspondence with reviewers
  • collection of the critiques
  • disbursement and accounting of funds

The Administrative Core will closely supervise the external peer review process, screen letters of intent, and serve as a resource for potential applicants.

We anticipate a rigorous peer review process by the external review panel and expect that the review criteria will emphasize the significance and innovation of the proposed projects, which should have a high impact on the overall mission of the KPMP.