KPMP Study Sites

The Kidney Precision Medicine Project research team consists of recruitment sites, tissue interrogation sites, and a collaborative central hub:

The recruitment sites are responsible for recruiting either Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients for longitudinal cohort studies with research biopsies.

The tissue interrogation sites are responsible for using state-of-the-art and next-generation methods to interrogate existing samples and research biopsies to support new discoveries from human kidney tissue.

The central hub is responsible for aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing all participant data and samples, as well as providing scientific, infrastructural, and administrative support for the entire KPMP.

To see the location of the various sites across the US, please refer to the map below.

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University of Washington Central Hub Seattle, WA
University of California, San Francisco Tissue Interrogation Site San Francisco, CA
University of California, San Diego Tissue Interrogation Site La Jolla, CA
University of Texas Southwestern Recruitment Site Dallas, TX
University of Texas Health Center Tissue Interrogation Site Houston, TX
University of Michigan Central Hub,Tissue Interrogation Site Ann Arbor, MI
Indiana University Tissue Interrogation Site Bloomington, IN
Cleveland Clinic Recruitment Site Cleveland, OH
University of Pittsburgh Recruitment Site Pittsburgh, PA
Yale University Recruitment Site New Haven, CT
Columbia University Recruitment Site New York, NY
Mt. Sinai Central Hub New York, NY
Princeton University Central Hub,Tissue Interrogation Site Princeton, NJ
University of Miami Central Hub Miami, FL
Harvard University Recruitment Site Brookline, MA
Ohio State University Tissue Interrogation Site Columbus, OH
Washington University St. Louis Tissue Interrogation Site St. Louis, MO
Broad Institute Tissue Interrogation Site Cambridge, MA
Stanford University Tissue Interrogation Site Stanford, CA
University of Texas Health San Antonio Tissue Interrogation Site San Antonio, TX
University of Washington Central Hub Spokane, WA, United States